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Swimming Lessons London

Private swimming lessons, coaching & swim based personal training - London

About Swimming lessons London.

We offer One to one (1-2-1) & 2:1 swimming lessons for all adults and children of all abilities. (from Aqua-phobic's, people with a fear of water, to experienced Masters swimmers) 

We offer intensive swimming lessons and swim crash courses to help people learn to swim in London.

We teach in - Central, Southwark, Westminster and also provide home tuition in London .


We are an A.S.A. school of Swimming Teachers & Coaches in London that provide 1st class, intensive, private 1-2-1 swimming lessons & tuition to adults and children.

We offer PAYG and package  sessions for all levels from aquaphobics to experienced swimmers. 1-2-1 swim lessons start from ¬£45. 


Adults and kids private teachers:

paul taaffe swim coach london

Paul Taaffe

Iv'e always had a passion for sports and health development, having worked in the field for over 20 years. I am currently the Manager & head coach at swimming lessons london.

I originally worked as a  multi-sports coach and manager for London boroughs, whilst completing degrees in Sports Science and Health Studies. There is overwhelming evidence proving that Swimming regularly, has terrific benefits to anyone's lifestyle and well being . Not only from a safety point of view, but from the perspective that it enriches training programs and is a great alternative workout especially for people rehabilitating/recovering from injury. It is a joint friendly, full body workout which has little risk of injury. I trained in 2000 to become an A.S.A. level 2 coach and am affiliated with the Institute of Swimming Teachers & Coaches.

theo swim teacher

Theo Chatziolos

Theo has been involved at elite level swimming for years. Still swimming regularly, he is perfect for triathlon training, and high level competition preparation.

Theo is passionate about Swimming coaching.

He holds a level 2 A.S.A teaching certificate and is an I.o.S.fellow. With a Masters degree in sports science, he is also well versed on anatomy and physiology,  training principles, injuries and rehabilitation techniques. His knowledge of the muscular skeletal system is extensive. 

As an ex-olympic level swimmer for Greece, he is perfect for serious swimmers, but has also vast experience teaching people from scratch also.

paul swim coach london
Paul Drogan

Paul D- has been involved in swimming for years. He is very professional and loves his job.
His communication skills are excellent, meaning his ability to transfer skills is very impressive. His swim lessons are enjoyable and effective. Paul has level 2 ASA qualification and coaching award.
A very patient coach that works well with nervous non swimmers, as well aspiring triathletes. He is also a qualified personal trainer.
I specialize in aqua-phobia,  non swimmers & stroke improvement.

Kids group lesson teachers:

Marianne Way

Marianne is a level 2 teacher, with excellent  coaching ability. She is excellent with children and adults alike.
She pushes her clients to achieve  as much as possible, without overstepping what the client feels comfortable with.
With a background in Psychology, she is able to draw upon, she is able to vary the rate of delivery and structure of lesson effectively to suit the individual.
She has an excellent record of continuous professional development in swimming, which ensures she is up to date with the latest methodologies.
She specializes with people who are scared of the water, or who suffer from aqua-phobia.
rosa mora swim teacher london
Rosa Mora

Rosa is an excellent teacher, who holds a level 2 ASA teachers certificate.
She specializes with childrens lessons, and works with private clients at their home. She is a keen swimmer herself and is a valuable part of the swimming lessons london team. She has multiple other swim and fitness related awards and is an IOS member.


1-2-1 venue: Circle Spa, Queen Elizabeth St. London SE1 2JE

Kids group venue: Guys hospital pool, London SE1

hours of operation-

  we teach: mon - fri   6.30am - 9.30pm  sat / sun 8am - 8pm

office  mon-fri 9am-9pm, sat/sun 10am-5pm 

Please Note- Booking Cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice or you may be charged for the session.